Guidelines for submitting a model to the Gallery.

All models submitted to the Gallery must adhere to these guidelines in order to be accepted.


1. G-rated content:

Everything associated with the model must be family friendly.


2. Description required:

The model must have an appropriate description.  Let people know what to expect when they open the model.  


3. Title required:

The model must have an appropriate title. The title must be changed from the file name.


4. Category:

The model must be placed in a category that is properly associated with the content.  The vCAD reviewer can make this change and inform you of the correction.


5. Thumbnail required:

The model must have a thumbnail other than the default. For example, this could be either an image of the model, or a company logo.


6. Spawn Location and Settings:

The model must have a user friendly spawn point and settings.


7. Phone & PC Performance:

The model must perform well on both mobile and web.  This evaluation is performed by vCAD prior to approving the model for the Gallery.

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