Upload a rendered model to vCAD

vCAD accepts a wide range of file formats that can be converted into a Pre-Reality visualization. If you want to render materials or bake in lighting, then you will export as an FBX with embedded textures.  From there you can upload to your vCAD account on app.vcad.com. In this post, we will take you through the steps to successfully upload you rendering to vCAD so that you can experience your rendered projects on any device.



This article assumes you are experienced with rendering, visit our 3DS Max step-by-step guide if you need help getting started.

Model setup in a 3rd party application:

  1. In your rendering application (3DS Max, Cinema4D, etc), render your textures to UV1. This is not the default, so ensure you’ve made this change. 
  2. Export an FBX. Ensure you’ve clicked the “Embed Textures” option.

Uploading to vCAD:

  1. Follow vCAD's upload guide.
  2. Under ‘Extra Options’ select ‘UV Layer Swap.’
    • This is important so that the vCAD material converted uses the rendered textures and not the default materials.



Once these steps have been completed you can view your project on either app.vcad.com in your Projects or the mobile vCAD application.  If you’re happy with the look of the model, then you should read our Sharing Guide to send it to a colleague or friend, email a link, or post it to our Gallery.

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