Make any Google Street View into a Skysphere

vCAD supports surrounding your 3D model in any Google Street View.


  1. Start by navigating to Google Maps
  2. Next, using the "Search Google Maps" search bar, type in a location you would like to get a Street View of.
  3. Once you receive your search results, click the little yellow icon in the bottom right hand corner to enable Street Views.
  4. You will notice blue dots arrive on the map. These are available Street Views -- click on the desired one.
  5. You will now be viewing the Street View. The URL of the Street View will be available at the top of your browser. Copy this URL.
  6. Paste this URL inside the text box when using Google Street View as your Skysphere option. Refer to our Upload Guide for information about uploading your 3D file.



Once your upload completes its conversion, add it to any CAD model you've previously uploaded.  See our guide here.


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