Adding model information to the model card.

After you've uploaded your 3D CAD file, you'll want to add some details about your model.  This is helpful when sharing the model with a client or team member.  Adding this information quickly informs the viewer what to expect when opening the model.


Adding this information is easy.  First click on the "edit" icon in the lower left of the model card.  The edit menu will appear.

1. Title - This defaults to the uploaded file name, but it can be renamed.

2. Description - The information displayed in the model card.3.

3. Skysphere - Select which 360 image to place in the background

4. Ground - You can add a horizontal surface to your model environment.

5. Public - (Professional Users) Public links are viewable to anyone that clicks on the link. These models do not need to be posted to the Gallery to be shared publicly.

6. Thumbnail - The image shown on the model card.

7. Custom Logo - (Included with Custom Branding Options).  In a model, the vCAD logo in the bottom right is replaced with this logo. 

"Update" to apply changes.


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